2017 Album Recos

Grace and peace to you. Welcome back to more of my ramblings. This time around I’m going to discuss some of my favorite albums from 2017. I know everyone has a list of these already probably, but I’d venture to say you probably haven’t heard of some of the artists on my list. My hopes … More 2017 Album Recos

Church Cliques?

Thank you for taking time to read this. Please read it until the end, don’t just skim it. Read it with an open mind. Don’t just write it off as it doesn’t happen in your church, because it probably does. Not all will be like this. I’ll write about music, books, sports, and I’ll even … More Church Cliques?

Summer Fun On A Budget

Originally posted on USCarlos:
I’m blessed with a ton of time over the summer with my kids. I love driving them around Los Angeles and Orange Counties exploring the sights, but it sure can get expensive in a hurry. So over the years I’ve rounded up a some solid spots that don’t break the bank…

Unplug And Go Camping

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My family is looking forward to our third trip to the Eastern Sierras this summer. We gave camping a shot just two years ago and know it feels like I can’t imagine life without it. I’m as guilty as they come when it comes to screen time, yet I can’t wait…