How to: Inverted Method Using the Aeropress


The Aeropress is one of the highest rated coffee makers in the Amazon Marketplace. Almost everyone I have discussed it with has raved about the cup of coffee the Aeropress makes. What’s even crazier is that they all said throw away the instructions that come with the Aeropress…yes, throw them away. The inverted method instructions do not come with the device, so I will walk you through them here.image

The Aeropress doesn’t look like much at first sight, it is basically a good sized plunger that you use to push out a cup of coffee. It produces and amazingly smooth cup of coffee that passes through a paper disc filter and into you cup. The Aeropress is made of plastic and is made of three key components: a plunger, a cylinder, and a cap that locks the filter into place. The set up is so simple I plan to take…

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